Monday, March 23, 2009

Lonely Wifey

Tucker is long gone....
it was a sad morning for me! my little hubsy off to Cali. :) I'm sure he appreciates the nickname too. But i miss him so much.. that is no lie.. Yeah,. i know i still have 3 weeks to go .. ohhhh what will i do?! I feel like i've called/texted every little thing that has happened.. in example: Beck falling asleep on the couch while watching the infamous Wiggles.. His head bobbing down then back up haha. Finally i set a pillow next to him and pushed him to that side .. he gratefully snuggled into the pillow finally falling all the way asleep.
As we speak he is about to Sacramento. He says it is GREEEEEEN. Oh how i long to see the color green outside the window. Although at one point earlier in the drive through Nevada he had to call me to keep from getting tired.. apparently it was very dull and boring and deserty everywhere haha. 

I would post some recent pics of the things we've been doin : Aunt stacie reading to the kiddies, Bo's Birthday, My cute Arli Pie, Beck's scooter ride, A mini photoshoot with me and tucker and the 10 second timer haha. BUT i don' have the camera.. or our laptop.. Hopefully Tucker will spare a second to make a post.  :) Hint Hint. He writes way better than me anyway.. Did i ever mention that after every post i write he reads it and edits it outloud.. yeah. It makes me feel amazingly smart. HA or more like i haven't been in school for a while. Apologies to the readers.
And now that both my kids are snoozin, I think I might do something else productive.. Like.. look at clothes online or somethin.. and then text Tucker all the cute things I find .. on sale of course. Juuuuust kiddin Tuck.

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Jim and Katie said...

I'm so sorry you are hubby-less! I can't imagine being without mine now that our baby is here. And you with two kiddies!! and no daddy :) Hang in there. Soon enough you'll be in Cali enjoying the warm weather and the GREEN!