Sunday, April 5, 2009

Livin la vida lonely

I keep checkin my own blog to see if anythings new... ha.. Hoping that Tucker will feel adventerous and post something.. ANYTHING about what he's doin.. He does have pictures of things he's gone and seen but apparently he's not sharing them with the world.. Sad. i wanna see a pic of him in front of the golden gate bridge taken by a stranger! haha.

We miss him a lot. But he's workin hard.. We just can't wait to join him.. it's been really hard for me to be away from him for so long. it will be so sad to leave Boise though.. So much family we're gonna miss and poor little Beck will miss the Bishop kids. And by the time we get back Little Dax who just arrived will be so big! jeez.. hard to think about.. (here is Little Dax :)

Also spending Easter without Tucker will be a tough one.. This year Beck is big enough to go out and venture for his own eggs! I'm so excited to watch him and sad that Tucker will miss that little bit.
----Speaking of Easter..I'm nervous for the upcoming Easter egg hunt at Tuck's Dad's house.. usually I'm attatched to Tucker.. and i let him guide us to wherever the eggs are.. cause i don't think its really my forte' .. But i thought about it.. and the last two years i've done it and been attatched to Tucker.. we haven't come out on top or anything.. so my thinking is this year i just might do alright.. who knows.. maybe Tucker was the one holding me back of the potential egg success! That's right i said it Tucker.. i guess time will tell. Maybe instead of being attatched to Tucker i'll have to be attatched to Beck or Arli. That could affect the results.

Aside from the longing to see my husband and upcoming Easter things. I'm havin a good time spending time with my mom and sister. They are my best friends and i love the easy going atmosphere and all the joking. hah. I'll miss them a lot when i leave.. BUT i do encourage them to VISIT MEEEE.. Along with all our other family too! That'd be a nice treat! Do it everyone.. Do it. And each person that comes can haul some craft stuff of mine to San Jose. haha. its a sad thing I had to leave it all behind. Tucker amazingly made room in the car for the guitar and his golf clubs... but my poor craft and art boxes were left no room and had to stay behind.

I have taken a some pics of life here over the weeks.. but there is no stinkin memory card slot on anyyyy computer here .. and i can't find the USB cord for my life. So.. that = no pictures from my camera .. i know sad. But I have some low quality pictures from my phone i can share.

heres Arli ready for bed! She's lookin so much older now .. i love it! She's smilin and cooing and just lovin life :)

The second picture of her.. ha.. That is chocolate on the side of mouth.. Don't worry I didn't feed my baby chocolate.. Though i'm sure she'd love it.. I was carrying her in the front carrier and i was eating a protein bar that had chocolate chunks and a piece of chocolate fell onto my sweater, i didn't notice hah. Arli was leaning on it for a while.. so it had melted on her face haha. I KNEW i had smelt chocolate after i had eaten it all!
And of course the Beckster. We went to the park today between conference sessions. he loved it ! Though I'm sure Brittany and I weren't as good playing partners as Bo or Eden would have been. One time he went down the slide and stood up at the end of it and said "1,2,3 " and he jumped expecting brin to catch him. But Brin didn't get the memo , she thought he was just jumping like he always does.. And so Beck tumbled into the bark ha. Poor boy. he held a grudge for a few minutes.


Blake and Katie Summers said...

so cute! I bet Arli was trying to lick the chocolate off her cheek! (:

kim said...

Cute pictures, Michelle! We took some cute ones of Beck yesterday, too. We will email them to you when we get them downloaded from the camera! Keep your chin up...not too much longer till you will be in sunny California!

Rae Jean said...

I spent many times with my hubby going on before we moved too. It is hard! But it makes you appreciate each other so much more! I'm sure that you mom and sisters will miss you when you leave, but it won't be for long. The summer will fly by! How's Tuck doing??? Any sales yet?

Kelly Valle said...

Yeah, right, were trying to feed the baby chocolate, I know..... HA HA!!!! Just kidding-its so cute to see you being all mommy! I'm glad you took that picture-such real life memories. One time Marie smeared Desitin ALL over poor Ana baby's face and I took a picture too. Such fun.