Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Holaaa ~ because i have no other title for this post

The many faces of Miss Arli Pie~

And Here is the cute lil Tuba Arli herself :) haha

And of course Mr. Beck lovin the train at the playground in our apartment complex

Beck and Arli cuddlin and smoochin before Bedtime.. Seriously.. that Beck boy loves Arli mucho mucho!

Fun times.. seriously! I am lovin my little kiddies so much! Now now.. when i say that.. trust me.. nothing is perfect! Beck is a little troublemaker with an attitude and energy of a tiger or somethin.. and Arli has her moments too. like yesterday at the grocery store . BUT I have so many really just precious moments with each of them and both of them that it makes life so sweet. Makes up for all the "No Beck"'s i have to say through the whole day.. and the threatening of time outs. Today Tucker and I were puting together a crib (someone from the ward so generously let us borrow) and while we were tryin to work and figure it out..Beck was all up in our grill.. so to say. He was hanging on the side of the crib.. throwing toys at us and through the bars.. leaning on Arli and waking her up by yelling at her (his favorite thing to do i swear!) and just being a rambuctious boy that he is.. But man it was really gettin to us ya know. So we would tell him to stop and so on and so forth.. Then finally I took him to his room and took out the legos and stacked them up a bit.. and He started to build by himself.. I left him quietly working on his legos in his room and went back to help Tucker. Then Beck comes just running into our room with just a proud excited look on his face.. He was pointing to his room and wanted me to come with him haha. ( in his own little language of course) he took me by the hand and led me to his room and ran to his tower of Legos.. Taller than him, and he was SO proud! and happy and just excited! He couldn't wait to show me what he did! And he was babbling so excited all these toddler words i couldn't understand. It was just so sweet and i realized i needed to just relax and let him be a boy and just laugh and smile at all these things he does (with some parenting too) because time is already going by so fast! My little boy is getting so big!
And Arli!! man that little chuba Arli is getting big too! Now i'm just rambling about how cute my kids are huh. haha. My apologies.
Other than motherhood. Things are going really good! We are enjoying being in a new place.. and finding our way around and all that. It was much needed to just get out of state for a bit. Be our own family. And the ward has been awesome to us. We have never ever felt so welcome ha! It took us by surprise! We had one young couple lend us thier crib and swing for arli. and Another couple lend us their crib mattress! It has made things so much easier! Another couple came by last night with brownies and.. Watermelon! Yum!! We have been snackin on it all day. It just is amazing how nice and welcoming these people are. A blessing to have been able to make friends easy.
More updates from now on... Since we finally got internet back on TODAY! woo!

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kim said...

these pictures are so cute Especially the ones of the two little ones together! Your life is sure exciting right now1 I am so glad to hear that your ward has been so great to you! It sounds like you are getting all settled in and that is awesome! sure love you guys and miss you all! work hard!