Sunday, April 19, 2009

How we spend our looooong days

Today was a way nice day! We went to our new ward today, which was good. We like the ward we're in! When we checked out the ward website it said something like the "Friendly" 16th Ward. And they lived up to it! We felt very welcome. After church we came home and all took a nap. Since we are all in one room we have to keep it dark and quiet for Beck to take a nap.. which usually leads to all of us taking a nap too. hah. Its nice though. After dinner, we went to the park in the neighborhood by our hotel. We've been going there at least once a day.. EVERY day since we've been here. Poor Beck can't stand being cooped up here in the room. The park is fun though.. it's got a wall ball wall which Beck loves.. and hey.. I love it too. We found 3 tennis balls one day, so we play with those and our raquets.. and Beck loves to throw it against the wall.. and go chase it. He is so funny. There are 2 different playground things., but Beck would rather just play with a ball and a wall apparently. The weather was super nice.. and I wish we could have stayed out longer.. but it was gonna get dark soon and Beck needed to go to bed.. Funny... we are all still awake as I type this. Haha It's tough livin in the same room. I don't think poor Arli likes it either. Hah. Beck is just plugging his ears and yelling.. I think he likes how it sounds to him haha. Ohhhh new discoveries..
Well that was our day.. It was nice.. and this week we'll finally be in the apartment woo!

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