Monday, May 4, 2009

A big boy now?

Beck is really growing.. I mean it was pretty inevitable.. but still.
My little boy no longer wants to hold my hand while walking , at least it is not often that he lets me.
He is just in this funny stage. He longs to be independent. So he climbs the stairs himself, resists the mommy hand holding, along with trying to do a lot of stuff by himself now. But then a second later he can switch back to wanting me for everything. I chuckle a little when he says "NO" when I try and help him down the stairs. As I start walking down myself He yells for me to help him haha.
He is a real treat this kid.

We just got a toddler bed for Beck too. Thanks to Brett and Juliann who helped us out with gettin that to our apartment. It is a cute little thing. haha And Beck loooovesss it. And he has done especially well sleeping in it too so far. Key words. so and far.


kim said...

He is so stinkin cute! I miss him!
Hope you are all doing well1 Love you!

Rossana said...

About little boys, they declare their independence very early in their lives, but will always remain mommas boy's. There is a special bond between mom's and son's. I like his little toddler's bed. Kallie still sleeps on hers. we need to get her a real bed, lol