Wednesday, May 6, 2009


[I turned off my autostart music so you just have to push play. woo.]

I happened upon this video while me and Beck were on Youtube watching our family videos ( he loves doin that) . It was on the sidebar where all "related videos" are.. I don't know how Arli and Beck giving eachother High Five is related to President Uchtdorf but what perfect timing it was for me.
I have been stuck in this state of .. lets call it "yearning for creativity" and now that all my paints and craft stuff is stuck back in Idaho, i'ma hurtin.
I have so many things on my favorites tab that I want to make and, paint, modge podge up the ying yang, ideas of fabric designs and stuff in my head just goin 80 mph. But when thinking of all the things i want to do, thoughts of inadequacy fill me.
My personal revelation from this video: create the things in my creative mind and just do it. not for anyone else but me. Talent is waiting to be let free i think...
oh i wish all my supplies were here with me.. But in the meantime Beck and I will continue to pain with watercolors and play with playdough.

Hey you, go create :)
paint, sew, craftiness, scrapbook, sing, dance, play, cook, garden,
And in the words of Ben Lee
-Just do it whatever it is, whatever it is. Go do it whatever it is -
[don't know Ben Lee? check out the last 2 songs on our playlist.]
[[oh memoriessss.. Tuck and I saw Ben Lee (with Rooney) our senior year. gifted from me to him for his little Bday. aw twu love]]


rachellehurd said...

i like this post. :) it makes me happy. i have been yearning to create also, and i feel weighed down by stress and laundry and financial responsibility. life is rough right now for most people. i find myself lost at times. i really enjoyed this video clip! thanks for sharing.

Rae Jean said...

Michelle, It looks like you are doing well in California! I'm so glad! The ward sounds so nice and kind. I hope that it is a good sunmmer for your family. The kids are getting soooo big! Love the pics and updates!!!