Monday, May 11, 2009

Mamas Day

I had the best Mother's Day. :)
First thing I did when I woke up was take a shower before anyone else woke up.. long uninterupted shower. It was a good relaxing start to the day.
Having Tucker with us the whole was basically a present in itself. But He managed to get me a gift.. oh and Beck and Arli did too. from my love I got a much needed rice coookerrr yay! If you didn't know before.. rice is a staple in basically every meal I cook. (because thus it was growing up too). And the cute lil rice cooker is red! Which makes it double better! Love love it! Beck came runnin to me with a snickers in one hand and a card in the other. haha He gave me the card first , cause he's so smart like that, then the snickers. What did the card say?? "Free snickers for a year!" OH MY! hahaha It was the cutest thing ever.. Thank you Tucker :). And of course Beck then sat in my lap and asked for some of the snickers. And we shared half of it. the other half is in my super secret hiding spot. Saving for when I need a hit of chocolate to get through the day.
Then we headed to the beach. It was about 45 min. away. It was a really pretty drive. Much like driving to McCall but with better trees i think. hah. Oh and no river. Then we got to .. where were we.. I don't even know which little city for sure.. But it was near Santa Cruz. It was the cutest lil place.. Again, reminding me of a resort town like McCall. But more beachy :)
We had a great time at the beach. It was so nice just to relax! Beck played in the sand, and with some other little girls beach ball. And Arli slept most the time. Tucker went swimming in the cold pacific. I just got in to my ankles hah. Beck did not participate nor did he get even NEAR the water. We think the sound of the crashing waves scared him away. We loveeeed the beach.
We came home and went the the apartment pool and relaxed some more..
It was just the perfect day.. I love watching Tucker play with Beck and cuddle his sweet girl. Beck loves him so much.. and today he was pretty bummed when Tucker left to work. I mean sure he loves me and stuff. But when Daddy's around .. its play time and he loves it.
I enjoyed every bit of the smiling kids.. and just being with Tucker driving to the beach. Though the compatability game says different.. We really are a perfect match ! The time spent laughing and joking around while the kids slept in the car was irreplacable. I love him .
Though we missed being home with all our family for Mother's Day, we really had a great one here on our own.
I hope all the ladies had a great great Mother's Day :)

And especially to my own Mother.. I love you!! You are the best!


Rossana said...

Glad to hear you had an amazing Mother's Day! I can't believe you are a mom of two already!
I love reading your blog, and I LOVE Arli's pictures at the beach, she is a beauty!

Blake and Katie Summers said...

aww! I am so jealous! You are such a good mommy! and I'm jealous you guys got to go to the beach, I have been wanting to feel the sand and waves for months!