Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hula Honey goes swimming

Okay.. not even one toe of hers even touched the water ha
[2 pictures that are almost identical? You could ask.. Why ? Well How was I supposed to pick only 1 picture of cute lil Arli Pilarli out of the 10?]
We went to the pool today to lounge and swim in the warm sunshine! It was so nice outside.. (still is). Whenever I took Beck to the playground he always said "water water" cause the pool is right by it. So finally we went! It was fun! I thought it was gonna be worse than it was.. ya know with having 2 little ones while trying to get my tan on HA. But Arli fell asleep right when we got there and slept in the stroller most the time. And Beck was content just throwing the ball in the pool and of course having me fetch it back to him. It was a good game. I got to swim a little that way. And I was reminded how bad I suck at swimming every time Beck threw the ball in the deeper end. Thanks Beck. [in the end the ball dissapeared somewhere in the pool though] He got in the pool a bit himself. More like I PUT him in the water.. on the steps. Then I carried him with me out into the "real" pool area. He wasn't a fan. I think he started to like it for a second. But then I pushed it too far with him when I started swhirling him around the water like he was swimming. I dont get it. The Bishop children LOVE the water. minus Bo. (sad. miss them!) We lounged by the pool with Juliann and Little Mae the rest of the time. And Beck kept taking Mae's cheerios. Oh little Mae. She is so cute and has the funniest little squeals!
It felt SO nice to get outside and get in the pool and just hang out. We will be doing that more often fo sho. :)

Beck Studman himself

Little Mae being cute. couldn't resist the photo op

Juliann and Mae! [Juliann invites me over to watch Oprah during the week. WHew! Thanks Juliann!]

Beck saw this other lady tanning on the lounge chair .. Beck decided he wanted to too. We brought over the chair and he laid down. And i put his towel over him and he was actually content for just a wee little bit.

Pics of Arli the Rockstar. Yes its true. Doesn't she look it with her zebra print and layered look?
Love her.
And might I add. Just LOOK at how big she is in her carseat! .. Ah! I had to move the straps up to the next slot.. which turns out to be the last one.. crazy i tell you.

The days go by so slow without Tucker around.
Especially on Saturday when he's gone from 9 am to Dark [10:30 pm]
It's rough and I miss him a ton.
Especially when the kids are going crazy
*when i say kids I mean Beck
So if you haven't noticed now,
Blogging has been keeping me company lately


Blake and Katie Summers said...

hey blogging is your friend! Keep it up we enjoy reading it!

bkbishopfamily said...

reading this entry reminds me of swimming in "your" pool last summer, we all loved it! Arli looks like a natural and I love Becks swimmer!!! We miss you guys, too!!