Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chubsi likes to look older than she really is..

[I hope it doesn't carry on into the teenage years]
Seems like the weeks are going by at a good pace. Life is good. Beck, baby A, and I go to the playground.. twice a day. Once in the afternoon.. once after dinner. It makes the day go a little faster.. Though we hadn't had much luck befriending anyone else until today. Cute little girl and her mom. I think Beck liked her because she reminded him of Eden. Same size. same hair.. only thing different was skin tone, hair color, and face of course. But Beck has never played with any other kid at the playground the whole time we've been here. So that is my reasoning as of to why he felt comfortable playing with her. She was always on the go, just like Eden. All the other times we have come to the park it seems people are pretty "cliquey" They stay with their own "kind" hah. Which is surprising because there is tons of different kinds of people here.
Other than the playground adventures.. Things are going well.
Beck has started to speak in short sentences. One of my favs is when we ask him if he wants to do something he says "Yeah, I dooooo!" so cute haha. He says some other stuff to, some i can only catch a few words here and there.. but I get what he's sayin. I think he makes up his own stuff for the words in between that he doesn't know yet. What a stinkin stud boy!
And Arli pie is cooing even more.. I know, how is it even possible? She is such a happy baby! talking and googlin .. sometimes I think she does it just to hear herself hah. She is allllmost 3 months (technically on the 17th) But she honestly looks like she is 4 or 5 months. Even the mom at the playground said "How old is your baby? 5 months?" Haaa. Oh Arli.. She is just well cushioned. The thing is .. she's chubby.. but not super duper chubby. its like she's a "fit chubby" crazy i know. We love her even though she doesnt' fit in any 0-3 month clothes and has been in 3-6 since she was 2 months old.


Monte and Brittany said...

3 months already!! thats crazy shes already that old!!
it seems like youve been having fun down there!!
we'll have to get together once you come back..

Brittany said...

what a fatso arli is.

Jim and Katie said...

Don't worry, Sage is a chub too! They're better that way....I think :) That picture of her with her tongue stickin out is so cute!!

Rossana said...

Chubby baby girls are the cutest, you just want to squeeze them hard, lol. My Erica and Kallie were plump little thngs.. you had plump little cheeks, I remember... Gosh Michelle, i remember holding you afer you were born.. before you know it, Arli will be getting married and you'll be a grandma.. time flies girl! Enjoy chubby Arly while you can, she will lose that baby fat soon.