Friday, May 15, 2009

Dia de la Familia

Just had to share! The other weekend in Nampa, Idaho a big event/celebration was held called "Dia de la familia" or Day of the Family, for hispanics in the treausre valley area. Elder Costa of the seventy was there and the one "in charge". My aunt Rossana helped with it(read about the details here) and even my uncle (her husband) performed. (He is in the band Half the World) and my cousin Eryka also performed at it. (the music talent runs in their blood). I was really dissapointed I wasn't in Boise to go to it and help and just experience it all. But it was a major success! It even made the Church News! How exciting eh! I know my Aunt worked so hard to pull together her part (the primary display) and my mom was so excited about all the missionary work taking place. And knowing spanish people.. it was probably a parteehhh'! A spiritual party that is.

Very cool :)


Rossana said...

You should have seen your mom.. she wore an invisible missionary badge that day. She is a natural, she was meant to preach the gospel to people. After it was over we didn't want it to end. Our Primary presentation got the most referrals of all.
Your mommy is a very sweet, sincere, loving, god loving woman and people loved that about her. That day she was in her element, doing God's work, isn't that what she does best anyway? She is an amazing woman.

Michelle Pilar said...

aw Rossana.. such sweet words! yes.. that is definately my moms element and the thing she does best. she is amazing. I'm a lucky daughter to have such an example for a momma :)