Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beck knows us too well.

Bedtime= Reading books time. Beck loves it. He grabs the same books everytime.

One of which is Love You Forever. We love this book :) Tucker grew up with it as did I. Its a winner for sure.

Well tonight read it just like every other night.. Excpet this time.. when we got to the "teenager" page, he surprised me!
He pointed at the teenage boy and said, "Daddy. Daddy."
I said, "Oh is that Daddy?"
Then he pointed at the teenage girl and said, "Mommy. Mommy."
At this point I just busted up laughing!
What are the odds that our child points to the teenagers and call them Mommy and Daddy. hahah. I still laugh at it.
I said to Beck, "oh is that mommy and daddy?"
He replied in his cute way he always answers, " Yeahhhhhhh."

Love him :)

Now I hope he is calling those teenagers Mommy and Daddy cause we are just that cool.. rockin out singin, eatin pizza, and whatnot. And not because sometimes our place is a mess like that for some hours .. haha.


kim said...

Love the book and love this post!

Nick and Sabrina Zurcher said...

love it! So Cute!