Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dream come true

It might be a weird thing to dream about at a young age... but I really did dream of the day my own baby girl would get her ears pierced. I couldn't wait to pass on the tradition of piercing the ears as a baby.
Today we went to Claire's on that specific mission :)
Arli did so good. She cried of course right when it happened.. a cry that we had never heard before. But not even 2 minutes later she was done. She just did so good.
She got "nothin but the best" from Daddy. Cute little 14 kt white gold studs.( I wasn't diggin the sparkly earings so much.) And Tucker was such a cute daddy! He held her through the whole ordeal. He later said how spoiled rotten she might become, expecting only the best saying "You got me the best when I was 4 months old so.... " haha.. I reassured him this will not happen.
She looks extra pretty :) We love our little sweets !
Arli before she knew what was comin to her.
After the deed
Beck lovin Claires ! seriously. he put a pink "I love Whale" bag around his neck and was determined to leave with it.
If you look real close.. you can see Beck's lips just puckered out .. just examining all of the girliness. haha. So funny!


RaCHELLE HuRD said...

very cute!! way to be brave and take her in. were you SO nervous? i was sooo nervous to do T's. i seriously almost turned around on the drive to claire's. :) but it wasn't bad at all. fun stuff! love having a baby girl? yes yes.

Juliann said...

How is Arli doing with her new sparkling earrings? Beck is so funny. I am often entertained/overwhelmed in stores like clarie's.

Our Growing Family said...

You guys should have just done Becks ears at the same time. Of course I don't know if he could have pulled it off to look as cute as the little chubs does.