Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dad’s Day

June 09 028

My favorite Pic of the hubba dad

June 09 002

the load of goods: picture from Arli, Shirt from both them, Card from all us.

June 09 006

June 09 033 

Tuck’s amazingly awesome shirt. *on the back it says Beck and Arli 2009

June 09 011

Beck before church all happy

June 09 047

And Beck after.. mellow and sicky

Tucker is thee greatest dad that ever lived. Its true.

We had a good day! I had fun looking forward to celebrating it and gettin things ready.

We had some fun plans but Beck came down with a fever saturday night and continued all Sunday. So we just relaxed at home. It was nice to just be lazy together.. while the kiddies napped.

Tucker is really the best dad I could have ever imagined for my kids He is sweet, gentle, so fun and playful, SO helpful, reliable, responsible and so on and so forth. He is just the greatest cute daddy ever! We love him so much and take any time we can get with him. Thank you Tucker for what you do and who are you. We loooove you :)


Jose Valle said...

you guys make a great couple! Keep it up

Our Growing Family said...

We are excited to see you guys! Sounds like the boys have lots of golf plans so the girls should get together. Have a safe trip!