Thursday, June 25, 2009

bum in the bumbo

June 09 009 

She loves it.

June 09 018June 09 035

And Beck loves that she can sit up and they can play together! (love those hand kisses he give her)

June 09 040    

oh Beck, he would.

June 09 049

they even read together now. (yeah.. he totally gave her that book and sat by her, if thats not the cutest thing i dunno what is)

June 09 062

this is the toy she ALWAYS get frustrated with. Dunno why. Maybe cause she doesn’t know how to push the button on top to make noise.. Oh Arli.. someday.

We finally got a bumbo seat! I have been eyein’ one for a while now.. even before Arli was ready for one. But Tucker thought it was pretty usless. But turns out Juliann has one for Mae-Mae, so we put Arli in Mae’s seat one time.. And Arli loved it. And Tucker saw the light :) [Thank you Juliann and Brett!] I found one on Craigslist the next day. Woo! we all love it. She is growin up soo fast!

Oh and when we put her in.. we have to push her poor thighs down to fit in the bottom haha. Its just the gettin in and out that makes her look extra tubby.

The only con… when she’s in it.. most of the times she feels the urge to poo. Which she does.. and it almost always comes out the back haha. Her bum is just so squished i guess.


Dallas and Jessica said...

be careful with the bumbo once arli gets a little bigger...lucy got out of hers today, but luckily i was right there! just a little advice for you :)

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

She looks so cute. Glad Tucker was able to see the light. I really have enjoyed mine. I love the Father Day pictures.

kim said...

she looks so cute in it the photo of them reading together is so adorable! I love it!!

Jim and Katie said...

I'm heard that bumbo's promote pooping!! We need to get one for Sage....not that she has trouble in the poo department :) Just cause I want one.