Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picture Update

Here is Beck's newest fun game....

since he is a trouble maker...

I gave him a haircut to match :)

Arli likes to stand now.. she's gettin envious of Beck's walking skills

And I think Beck is getting jealous that Arli gets to act like a

baby and it sits just fine with us.

Arli's bed-head :)

twu love

Here is a good comparison shot.

oh yeah...

give Arli some time and she'll roll him.

And meet our new pet.

It's a bubble dog of course.

Didn't even get to name him because he was then blown to pieces..

for Beck's pure entertainment.

If making bubble dogs while doing dishes does not

mean I desperately need a dog....

then I dunno what will convince you.

[i know one day Tucker will be taking a picture of me with my real dog]

Weeks are still goin by fast.. Days on the other hand just crawl by. How does that work? Honestly. Some days Its awesome and I totally get ready and feel up to it. Other days like today.. I don't get ready till noon. Then when I actually did get ready Arli puked all over my clothes hah.. like really Alllllll over them. Then i changed, then Beck threw his cottage cheese at me.. which really looked just like Arli's puke. And in that moment I literally thought.. "Oh the life of motherhood." Baha.. What a typical thought eh.

I keep waitin for it to get warmer outside.. I mean its nice.. But not hot hot like it is in Boise right now.. like regular summers. I dunno.. i mean maybe this warmness is normal and .. stays.. all summer long. Which is fine. I thought I'd love it. What, without all the sweating and stuff. But I actually miss the true summer heat.

Arli is 3 and 1/2 months!!!.. crazy girl. I cannot believe it. She is totally grasping toys and puting everything in her mouth (i have a theory that some may call crazy that she is teething.. story for another day) And she loves to sit up and stand in my lap.. Basically she likes to feel like she's older haha. She's laughin and squealin. And she toots all the time. And just being the cutest best baby ever ;) Beck is sayin a lot more sentences now. It is the cutest. The past few nights he's been getting out of bed and comin to our bed. And one time he totally scratched my back.. I even fell asleep to it haha. It was pretty relaxing. So that is one bonus of him crashing our bed. The bad thing.. he kicks, moves all the time while trying to fall asleep and pushes Tucker off his side haha.

I officially bought my plane ticket to Salt Lake on July 1! Very excited .. my best friend is getting married.. and I will be staying with my brother and my sister is gonna drive down to Utah. Double yay! Then we'll head to Boise for a bit to visit all the family.. and just be hoooomme.


Monte and Brittany said...

looks like you are having fun!! :)
your kids are so cute.
i cant believe how big Arli is compared to Beck..

so is it alisha whos getting married??
thats way exciting!!

kim said...

cute cute photos! Can't wait to see you!!!

Erin Dougal said...

Ah... So, my mom has a funny picture of Dallan and Jay when Jay was about Beck's age. They were playing in the toilet when my mom caught them and said "Stay right there!" She came back and they were still playing in the toilet but they were crying because they thought they were in trouble. Hahaha! The toilet pic you gotta keep around.

Kolby & Tiffany Rawlings said...

Michelle!! I love reading about all that is going on.. for some reason while i'm reading I always think back to old memories and I miss them. Your kids are so cute and you are still beautiful as ever. I love her earings, thats so fun! Hope everything is going awesome! Sure love ya girl. Have fun at her wedding, that is so awesome!