Thursday, July 9, 2009


Last night Beck and I went with my dad to watch his friend Jerry rope. It was cool to see the action. I do enjoy it.. and Beck does too.. though for some reason yesterday he was a bit nervous to get on the horse like he has before. Though Edward the horse really liked him :)
It was a fun night finished off with arctic circle shakes :)
I wanna go with him again and practice taking pictures. The pics above my dad took (except for the one of him and Beck obviously hah)
My dad has always been a cowboy at heart I think. It is fun to see him in his element, so happy.
And I have so many other events and pictures to post!! But they are all downloaded on the laptop which is in Cali with Tucker.. So next week will be a load of new pics.
We are happy to be home though. I'll tell ya that!

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Jose Valle said...

You have a beautiful family; and that picture of your dad and son...good shot!