Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Anotha’

Mutha.. workin at Other Mothers.

trying out working again. Ha. Last time I worked at Old Navy, it was not my cup of tea. With my sister leaving for college, and leaving work at Other Mothers, I decided to take the opportunity to continue the Hope girls legacy of working there. Haaa. kinda. (my mom worked there before then brittany took her spot and now i'm taking brittany's spot) I knew it would be pretty easy.. but i didn't expect to enjoy it as much i actually do. Hah. It's kinda odd, but I just like to organize and clean. Ask tucker.. I do it way too often.. and for me there is always something to do. It's nice getting paid to do stuff that I would be doing at home anyway. Just a store's stuff and not mine ha. But so far so good.

And speaking of... My sister left for UOI this morning.. SAD!! it was sad. I wanted to cry... but knew that would have been way too dramatic. Since she IS visiting a lot. Shessh. While living here I got to spend so much time with her and just do sister stuff. I honestly do not know how a girl without a sister lives. No offense. Just no idea. She is my best friend.. and i miss her. A lot. Beck was looking for her and calling her name after she had left and I admit, I teared up. haha.. MAN! Reading that, I sound really lame. But I swear, it was a moment. But I plan to write her cute letters and send her things. cause we are like that. haha.. Like she's my little missionary.. but not on mission. at all. haha.

Summer is winding down.. with all the talk about schooool and Tucker starting school again and Beck's Uncle Travis starting his teaching career. I feel like I should go to school. But.. I just have no idea what I want to do. Actually, I have a lot of ideas. I just don't know which one to choose.

And now that summer is almost over.. I think back to when it began and Arli was a little munchkin.. and now she's a big munchkin with good size thighs and such. MAN! I do hate the saying but MAN time really does fly! How!? How can Arli be rolling around everrryyyywhere. I mean everywhere! And scooting her body around in place. and be sitting up by herself?? Man! I love it and I hate it! She will never be as small as she is today ever. again. sad. But that's what nieces and nephews are for in the meantime right :)

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