Saturday, August 1, 2009


Man for some reason its hard to blog since we’ve been home. haha. But hopefully I’m back for good now.. we’ll see.

Well here is what’s been happening with us :)

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Our new niece Babeh’ Ella made her debut on Wednesday. :) Hopefully proud parents Travis and Stacie don’t mind me puttin up pics. But shes is the cutest thing EVER!

098The Closest Beck Got to her100

The 2 girlies.. future BFF’s. Though right now all Arli wanted to do was pretty much eat her.

102 103

Bo and Beck in the waiting room

020014 028

And our 2 cute punks! Man Arli is packin it on haha WE love them :)


Monte and Brittany said...

man she is chubbier then beck! what a cutie.
oh and happy late birthday to beck!

Jess and Andrew said...

oh these two cute girls... i love how cubbie arli is and what a vute baby i can't wait to see ella. call me soon so we can play. love ya

Rae Jean said...

Michelle! I'm so glad that you posted pics of little Ella! What a little doll she is! AND Arli looks so big next to her! Love the family pic with all four of you too! What a cute family you are!

Our Growing Family said...

Wow, we do have some cute kids!