Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life’s good stuff

Pure Joy= watching my boy copy everything his daddy does.

September 2009 124

Pure Bliss= Beck goin in to “get” (play) with Arli when she wakes up from her nap

September 2009 106

… and watching them wrestle.

September 2009 113

Pure Happiness= watching Beck and his pops play football in the yard.

September 2009 028 September 2009 031

.. If thats not the best “stiff arm” you’ve ever seen, then i dunno what is.

September 2009 082

.. and watching my husband make goofy faces to make Arli laugh.

September 2009 038

.. and having Tucker tell me , “hurry there’s a car coming i don’t wanna look stupid!” while i’m taking their picture after they rolled down the lawn about 10 times.

September 2009 104

Pure heavenly= Having my little girl right beside me watching the boys play.

September 2009 060September 2009 106

.. and having to take out my battery and air out my phone to get all the slobber out so it’d work again.

September 2009 109

Pure gratitude= Seeing my mom really enjoy her Birthday! SHout out to mamasita! We love you!

September 2009 115 September 2009 117

The Tres Amigas, ( my mom, Silvia, Grandma Mercedes, and Aunt Rossana)

September 2009 121

.. And watching my hot huz play with the babe and boy while I tend to the party :)

September 2009 125 September 2009 127

.. Getting good photos of Great Grandpa and Babe Arli together.

September 2009 136

Pure happiness = witnessing Arli holdin her own sippy cup

September 2009 084

Funstuff= goin to the Boys’ football games with family… and gettin funny videos too!

September 2009 057

Perfect= Telling Beck to put his arm around his little sis for a pic.. and he listened :)

September 2009 015


Our Growing Family said...

You guys look like you have so much fun! Cute kids too! I can't wait till Ella can play- maybe I can! -it goes by so fast!

Erin Dougal said...

Your kids are adorable! I can't believe how grown up they look. I'm already sad that my baby will someday look as big as them. I guess they can't stay small forever right?