Thursday, September 3, 2009


Its official Arli has been scootin around for a couple weeks now. She is getting faster every day.. Only a matter of time until she gets goin on her hands and knees. She can get to them but doesn't move forward as of yet. It is so interesting how Beck was so different from Arli as a baby. Arli so far has been faster learner and hittin those milestones faster.. and is a way better eater.. (as you can see). She is pretty happy most the time too.. unless she's hungry. haha. She is startin to give kisses. Ask for a kiss and pucker your lips and if you're lucky you'll get a open mouthed smooch from her.

Beck is continuing to say more and more words. My favorite right now: "yowwawa" translation... your welcome. So i guess some of it still isn't clear to everyone else, but for us that are around him a lot, we know exactly what he's talkin about.

Life is good . Busy but good. It's nice to get home from work and have Beck runnin to me and Arli grunting and crawlin towards me haha. And Tucker runnin to a chair for a break haha. He's been doing so good though. We are both busy but I love the new business. It's nice to contribute financially and get a little break from laundry laundry laundry and cleaning.

Today is the first game for BSU.. I was reminded of this when this morning Tucker blared the bsu fight song then when it was done he said. "Man I need to get that as my ringtone!" Then he went on to take pictures of the kids holding our bsu car flag. (Okay I took pictures too). Then he told me he was so happy and excited for the game tonight that he _________. I can't say what. Then I got a text from him. It goes as follows : " So I was walking through the commons area here (CWI) and I yelled BOISE expecting to get a "state" and everyone just stared at me.. "

haha Man he is funny. Well Go Broncos! We have a busy day ahead of us yet again..

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