Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The candy is gone.

Tuck and i already scarfed Beck's candy for him. Mean? Oh no. We did him a favor.
Here are Our Halloween kiddies. ..
Halloween was good this year. Though Tucker and I did not dress up.. so it was a little less Halloweenish for me. Time just went too fast. Next year though... We already have an idea brewin. Anyways! Beck was hilarious to trick or Treat with. Of course when we got up to the door and I rang the doorbell, the person would come.. and I'd be saying "trick or treat" by myself.. holding out HIS candy bag.. and saying "Sorry he's still learning." type stuff. haha it was pretty funny. He got lots of compliments.. but every time the person would speak directly to him.. asking him questions he would somehow sneak that tongue out.. just a little bit.. and stand there. Shy? haha. Oh yeah. It was a fun time!

And a night At Aunt Muff's house. haha. Not so Sweet Arli clawin on Cute Dax! We only wanted to get them laying next to eachother. Arli would not have it.

I have to say.. these two.. Oh my! I took Bo for the day one day last week. I thought it'd be so fun for the boys to have a sleepover!! Well we made it all day.. but in the end after dinner at Kendra's house, Bo did not make it back home with us. I think he totally forgot we were there by the end. Or he was avoiding eye contact so he wouldn't have to go. haha. But the day was fun! There were good moments and ... fight moments. Oh yes.. the fight moments were loud, tearful, and I was grateful at that moment I did not have twin boys. One time Beck did something to Bo.. probably hit him or something, and Bo said over and over "Beck, say sorry to me please". OVER and OVER haha. It was hilarious. ten minutes later he was still saying it. And poor Bo, Beck had already gotten over it.. and i guarentee it wasn't even in his brain storage haha. Bo is so cute. He speaks so clearly, it was nice to actually understand a 2 year old like he was 6 haha. Beck and Bo. A very close pair. I love them two together! Thanks Kendra for letting us borrow Bo for the day! Maybe next time we'll make it a sleepover.

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kim said...

These pictures are so cute! YOur little ones were adorable for Halloween! I do love the one of the boys in their baseball shirts and jeans! They are getting so grown up and will hopefully get to the point where they get along ALL day! It was so sweet of you to have Bo over! I know Muff really appreciated it!