Friday, November 20, 2009

Beck loves Bo and Leaves

After we went over to Kendra's house for a bit the other week, that is all Beck would talk to ya about for the rest of the week. Even now if ya ask him.. i'm sure he'd tell you all about "Muff, Bo, and leaves!" Apparently he loves Aunt Muff so much for raking them together before we got there so the boys could jump in it hahah.

My two cute punks are playing even more with each other lately. I love seein them interact! Arli just adores Beck. and squeals with joy when he comes to play with her. Only downer, Beck has been using his new wrestling moves (from the one and only Eden haha) on Arli! So I am constantly saying, "no, stop! play nice! Don't lay on her! Get off!" But I'll take the bad with good.

These pics are from at least a month ago.. at the park for lunch :)

Those afternoons are my favorite.

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RaCHELLE HuRD said...

CUTE pictures! i love the one of them swinging together. awwww, i hope my two are FRIENDS! :)