Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 years

3 years ago today Tucker and I tied the knot in a small, modest, unexpected wedding. I usually look back at our wedding day and think of alllllll the things I would have done different, my dress, my hair, the invites, where it was, blah blah. But over the past year I have gotten over it. Ha. I used to want to have another wedding later on .. like to renue our vows type of thing. But now, I just want it to be just us on a beach somewhere.. and when we are cute and old.
We have been very blessed since we have been married. the blessings have outweighed the real tough times we have experienced as a couple. Since we did get married our last semester of high school.. we have had to learn to grow up together and it was been hard. But once we got the hang of it, we were golden. (thank goodness for growing up!) Now I got him all figured out. :) My love for him is the strongest its ever been.. and I know next year I will be able to say the same thing.
Happy Anniversary my love!
and hopefully on our dates this week. we can get some better pics of us together just me and him haha.


Shay and Kira said...

I remember that day so well. You looked amazing, the chapel was beautiful! It was perfect. I remember the feeling of the circumstances and I remember being able to see the way you looked at him and thinking you two were supppose to be together. I just love you as my cuz!

Rae Jean said...

Beautiful post Michelle! It's so touching and from your heart. Sometimes, we don't get to pick the way our life will be, but I'd say you and Tucker have adjusted beautifully! Happy Anniversary! Hope you were able to have some fun! Love ya!