Sunday, January 3, 2010

Year two-thousand-ten

A new year..
I'm definately welcoming this year with open arms.
2009 brought good things.. such as:
my long awaited beautiful baby girl
adventures in moving place to place
precious time with my husband and kids
and along with that came tons of great memories..

but other than that.. I really feel as though the past year was a standstill in everything else.
There is just so much that I wanted to happen that I thought would happen.. getting a new car.. gettin our own place .. on and on :) but it was not to be. And at first I was a bit down about all that. As though we didn't accomplish much. But I know we really have done so much. Things you can physically see and things you cannot. Our relationship is better than ever and our kids are so amazing to us and everything they do for us. Really they are making me the best person I can be. With the new year here the past has been on my mind. And I realize again and again, The past is the past. I made that decision in high school that led us here. Nothing could change that. Now I look at where we are and it is so amazing and really mind boggling. How could I ever regret my and our decision. I feel like I have learned so much, and someday I want to do something to help other girls who find themselves in the same situation.

Welcome to my life 2010! I can't wait to see what this year brings.. good, bad, ugly. Come what may. I got my beautiful family and I couldn't be more grateful.

Goals/things to look forward to in 2010!

1. save more money.. less fast food (tucker stop tempting me!!)
2. run a 5k once a month (budget permitting) and start running regularly again.
3. Eat less chocolate ( might have to join a chocoholic annomynous group)
4. build up my stock for an etsy shop
5. be outside more
6. do more service
7. journal at least once a week
8. more cheap/free dates!!
9. get a dog.. preferably one like Guito Nacho
10. get pregnant......................................... hahaha.. right tuck??
Dear Hot Husband, you are invited to particpate in these goals with your awesome wife, #'s 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, and if #10 happens i kinda Need you. :)
* i am not to be held to any of these.. and am able to change one at any time. :)


Erin Dougal said...

I like this post :) You're family is super adorable!

Rae Jean said...

What a great post Michelle! (Well...all but for!!!) I love to read your serious side. Thanks for sharing it with us. You are such a good mother and wife. Cherish these times...for the kids grow much too quickly! Enjoy them, and your talented hubby! You're a darling family! Love you!

Jess and Andrew said...

gurl.... i came close to peeing myself when reading this post! we were sooo meant to be friends!! hahaha you are such a crackup. i so wish we lived closer and thanks for that wonderful advice that you so lovingly gave me ;)

Shay and Kira said...

Awesome post Michelle. I have to tell you your family is so adorable and I have always loved bieng in your presence. I am so glad we are family now so I can run into every now and then.

MOLLY said...

cute, cute, cute!!! i love, love, love your resolutions, but mostly your disclaimer at the bottom. i'm ditto-ing that myself for sure! darling family pic, aaaah, to be as teeny as you!