Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Advice Welcome

We have been having a hard time getting Beck to sleep lately. There a multiple problems all rolled into one. :
1. he won't go to sleep at bedtime
2. He won't sleep in his OWN bed.
3. He won't let me LEAVE his room.
4. If we put him in his bed after he falls asleep, he just gets up in the middle of the night and comes back to our bed.
and of course all this happening while Arli is trying to sleep because they share a room.
Last night I decided to put my foot down.. get him in a routine and put him to bed at Arli's bedtime . Uh. yeah. that was miserable! Poor Arli was crying cause Beck was crying. Beck went to his door and was opening is slightly and slamming it shut. I finally went in and took him to his bed and layed down with him but he was still crying and Arli could see me, so she was crying more. This lasted for what seemed like an hour. and it probably was.
I almost gave in once and whispered to Beck , "go see daddy" and he stopped crying instantly and said "HUH?, huh monny? HUH? " yeah if you know him the "huh"s are pretty funny/frustrating/ridiculous all in one. Then I refocused and told him "nothing go to sleep" and he yet again started crying. Then 5 minutes later, I for reals gave in that time. I said "Go see daddy." he said "HUH?" me:"Go, leave the room" . Him: "HUH?" follwed by 5 more huh's while walking out. He saw Tucker and said "Otayy. HUH?" Then we just busted up laughing. This kid is just unbelievably hopeless.
Needless to say. I could use some help. I am open to trying anything for the next two weeks. then when my brother Ryan moves out and there will be a room open, I'm officially training him. Letting him cry it out. It worked on him before and I believe in it haha. But my mom thinks its so sad. Hence the post, and asking for your reccomendations.
My mom was so worried about me. The lady is so sweet! I came out to the kitchen a couple times later and she just looked in distress for me. I told her its my turn to be mom so she doesn't have to stress just because I am. haha. This morning I found a note from my mom to me. (love these notes!) The note came with encouraging words and a poem for me written by her. She has multiple books just filled with poems like this. its amazing. (someday i'll make a book for her) But it makes me laugh a little how worried she is for me. and I just love her.
and to end on a happy note. here are some pics from our walk to the park one warmish afternoon. it was just me and the kids. and it was so fun. I really just set aside everything i had to do right then.. and asked beck if he wanted to go outisde :) best decision i made last week. (aside from salsa dancing with tucker)


Jim and Katie said...

I feel your pain. Sage doesn't want to go to bed anymore, either. I am a fan of the "cry it out" too! Super Nanny would say you just have to keep putting them back in bed and let them cry. I know you can't do it right now with Arli in there, but when he gets his own room. It's so hard - these little ones just hold our hearts in their hands, and know how squeeze them until we give in! Thank goodness for these cute little kiddies we have been blessed with!

Monte and Brittany said...

if arli falls asleep well put beck to bed and let him cry it out.. then quietly put arli in after hes asleep. thats what i would try atleast. i dunno. good luck!!

Rae Jean said...

I'm a fan of rewards...getting Arli asleep in her bed or yours, and then putting Beck in. Have 1 night in his bed by himself...reward. Then 2 nights...reward. Then 3 nights...reward. It's so hard when they are young...but he will get it! Don't make the mistake we made, and let them sleep all night in your bed. THAT is hard to break him from! Good luck! (Love your mom! She sounds like a good mother!)

Kelli N. Rich said...

Yay, I found your blog. Sorry I don't have any advice. I bring Morgan to my bed when she wakes up at night.

Barney Blah...g said...

I think letting him cry it out is the best. Leave him in his bed with some little books to look at and a night light on. Hopefully the books will be a little distraction. You are sweet!

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

I am having this same problem with Mae. If we have her sleep in her crib, she wakes up 5 to 10 times crying when she isn't with us. For me as kid I loved getting little rewards or stickers earning up to something, but how do you explain that to my 18 month old. Well, hopefully both of us can figure something out in the next little bit. :)