Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its official!

It all started with this move :

Arli has been crawling for more than half her life now.. and its seems like we have been waiting FOREVER for her to walk. Today she finally decided to make her debut! We knew deep down she knew how.. she just had a bit of hesitation. She loves this move.. lookin around upside down. Today she did this and then had the brilliant idea to stand up from that postion. Perfect! She stood up and stayed there for a long while.. (probably wonder how she got there) then took a couple steps. We got excited and wanted to get her to practice walking.. Then lo and behold she was full on walkin' to Tucker. Now that she's walking, I really think she was practicing in her crib in the morning or somethin! She is walkin so good! She started at 2:30pm today.. and was already walkin 30+ ft by 6 pm. And I think she's enjoyin it too. She's even carrying a football. (and dropped it and even bent down, picked it up, and kept truckin on.)
I'm SO excited for her in this new phase! No offense Arli, but the crawlin and carrying you around was kinda gettin old.
One of the first things Tuck said when she was taking those first strolls was, "She looks so cute!" I couldn't agree more. That lil' thing walkin' is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Good thing that girl is ours to keep!


Pharis Family Fun! said...

Way to go on the walking! Big day for her and for you guys! She is SO adorable!

MOLLY said...

oh she is acdorable, love the first steps, they are just so exciting!!!

Erin Dougal said...

Yay for walking!!! You need to check out my blog by the way :)

Rae Jean said...

So so so so cute! She is growing up!!!