Monday, May 17, 2010

More of life.

The month of May has been fun and busy.. and fast! My best friend and sister arrived back home for the summer this weekend from UOI.. and one of my brothers was visiting off and on, so I'm sure I was a little preoccupied with hangin out with them (sorry babe!) This last Friday my mom and I went out for a bit and decided to grab some ice cream from good ol Hungry Onion. YUM! 3 swirl ice cream cones to share! My mom had the brilliant idea of giving the cones to the kids.. in the back.. of the car.. in their carseats! Ha. Why was I so easily persuaded?? Beck turned out alright. But Arli was another story. She was eating good, along with the mess, but then just turned it upside down and let is drip all over her yummy thighs. I was frantic. Excuse miss Arli Monster, I just washed your carseat cover!! Turns out, she loves me, and didn't get the carseat dripped with ice cream at all :). Just her thighs, diaper, cute shirt, hands, elbows, big arm muscles, face, and hair. Love that girl! We finished our meal at the picnic table then rushed them to the playground. This playground is pretty fun.. its the one in our neighborhood.. only thing its missing is a water feature and some shade. The kids love it! I took them on a bike ride (with the beloved bike trailer) to the park the day before.. so they knew I really REALLY loved them that day for taking them again haha. Arli is totally in her zone when she is there. She is an independent woman! Don't even try holding her hand to help her walk across the uneven bark. No way. She does everything herself. I was surprised... kinda. But it all makes sense, exploring her new freedom of walking while Beck is distracted by other things so he cant knock her down. You go girl! It was such a fun afternooon with my mom. Days like that I'm so grateful she doesn't work anymore and we get to hangout :) The kids loved the drinking fountain.. I think they could have played in that the whole time had I shown it to them earlier. They had a mini water fight, slapping their wet hands on eachothers' faces and hair. And I was stuck holding the button. Here's some proof of our fun adventure :)

ummmm Hello huge tall Arli girl!? When did you get so big???

and so cute???
I put her in her carseat before our adventure.. seriously? Summer clothes made her look so much older. Its mixed feelings. but all good.

We had been looking forward to the Beatles concert since Terry and Cheryl unveiled our Christmas Gifts to us in December! It was a tribute band named "Rain" but it was allll Beatles! It was SO SO fun! Limo, Dinner, and awesome entertainment and music! It was fun to get together and be adults for a bit the the family instead of just parents all the time haha. Thanks so much Terry and Cheryl for the awesome time and the memories! And thanks to Tuck's siblings for being fun people to go with! ( Not pictured is Kendra and Barrett.)

I got Beck a huge bag of beach toys from the store i work at for like.. a dollar. And he pulled this one out before I could put the bag away for the actualy BEACH. He put the handle through his bike's handle on his seat.. and he'd carry all his toys, cars, army mean, robot, everywhere. It was hilarious. My mom then made a tie for it so it would be legit. and wouldn't fall apart. Then Arli got in it. And it is now the best invention ever. Beck loves it, it tires him out, he feels so manly and big. Arli gets to sit, lay, and have Beck be her slave without Beck even knowing it. It is SO funny to watch. Beck gets tired and starts panting after a bit but I guess its still worth it cause he keeps truckin.

Arli and Me had a girls night one night.. I don't even remember why. or Where the boys were. But she managed to get super messy at dinner.. And I started to clean her off and decided it wasn't worth it. This girl loves water. So I just stuck her in the bath and she cleaned herself. haha. Seriously she mimmicks anything I do. So what'd she do? Wash her hair for me. Atta girly! I haven't taken pics of her in the bath for a while so I thought i'd share the goodness.
Its been a fun month so far. We will see what the rest of this week brings with Tucker's doctors appointments and other happenings :) Think happy thoughts!!!!


Dallas and Jessica said...

arli is seriously the cutest thing ever! i wish lucy had half as much hair as she does so i could actually do something with it. looks like a fun summer so far!

Rae Jean said...

You've been so busy! Love the pics of the kids. And the limo and concert...awesome!!! What a great present! I'm sure it was fun to go to! It's always nice to be spoiled once in a while!!! Those are great memories! :)

Dane and Kelsey Pence said...

aww cute arli girl growing up so fast! they are soo cute! love you guys!!! :)