Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zoo Recap

As most of you (in boise) know the weather is amazing! We took advantage and spent time together at the zoo! They loved it! Arli's face would light up when she saw each animal. She would point and "talk" about it. And Beck was diggin the stroller more than the zoo at first (new fun stroller). But then wanted to walk mostly after that because he realized.. hellooo he was at the zoo! It was so fun. Tucker and I had so much fun WITH them! Our kids are just the best :)
Beck wouldn't get in the tortoise shell. so Tuck tried to show him it was fun. bahah. nice try!

I have to say.. this cute BIG leopard totally made eye contact with me when i took this pic. Thank you cute Leopard! It was so close to the fence just loungin in the tree.

Beck's favorite thing other than the animals.. or maybe even that.. The TUNNEL!

Beck RAN to the slide and was so excited to go! He went all by himself.. got half way up.. and got a little nervous hahaha. cute kid



Jess and Andrew said...

ok that stroller is SSOOOO cool. I've been seeing those EVERYWHERE. I love them. It looks like your little angels are getting super big. I can't even believe it and look how cute your family is. That last picture of you with the kids is way cute! I miss your face.

Rae Jean said...

What a special day for you, and you got some pretty cute pictures of the kids. How fun!!! I think that I'd be nervous going up the giraffe slide's tall!!! Thanks for sharing!