Sunday, April 11, 2010

Days keep passin' by!

April is already almost half way through.. what the heck! We've been busy of course as always. But don't ya hate it when you KNOW you were busy and you try and think of what you did.. and you just draw a blank..? Yeah. That's kinda what's happening here. And I know all of it was amazingly exciting too. Which kinda is a bummer for you readers out there. Never know what crazy awesome things we've been up to. So I uploaded the pics of the camera and my mind was refreshed :)
Beck sleeping on the piano bench. He really was totally asleep, I could tell by the stuffy nose breathing rhythm and twitches of his lil body. I had to stand there for a sec and observe. But after confirming.. I ran to get Tucker. We sat and giggled and took pictures.. then he pulled his head up, smiling, he said "You found me!". That stinker woke up and didn't even have the courtesy to let us in on it.
We had been dog-sitting Kim(tuck's Mom)'s dog for the past 10 days. It was so fun! Really, that Sofie was sooooo loved and cuddled and pet all week long! I think my parent's thought about just stealing her. Beck decided it was a brilliant idea to get in the cage.. I laughed a bit.. then looked at him from the side view and laughed even harder. He stayed there for a lil while too! I guess he thought he had to use the crate since Sofie rarely did. Oh and somehow a melon ended up in there. ??? Random! We are assuming it was Beck.. bearing gifts to Sofie for all the cruel chasing he did.

Sweet Arli. Just can never get enough of her. She took a bath after spittin up somethin nasty.. and then went straight to her naptime. She woke up with an awesome hairdo! The curls miraculously got even cuter and on top it swirled around kinda remindin me of and exaggerated Conan look. I was sad we weren't goin anywhere the rest of the day to show that hair off and get the looks it deserved ;)
We have had SO much fun going to the Idaho Stampede Basketball games with Terry! (Tuck's Dad) Beck seriously loved it so much! We are bummed the season is over! Beck especially loved the mascot Rumble. And would talk about him a lot at home. But when we'd ask him if he wanted to see Rumble, he would reply "Noooo, I don't waaant to!" in a scared whiny voice. But we knew it was a fib because every time we'd get there and Beck would see him, he would stare in amazement. Sadly no pics with Rumble this season! But Opa Terry did get Beck a little Stampede basketball and after the game Beck got the whole teams' signatures on it! plus the dancers.. but hey.. i wouldn't have allowed that nonsense if I had been at that one. Beck's heart belongs to basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, and football! (and mommy) So it was so fun for him to go to the basketball games with the people that love him most! Thank you Terry for the fun memories we've made by going to the games!

We just got a little kid drum set for 5 bucks! Talk about a deal.. it was only missed a screw to hold on one of the drums to the set. Needless to say, Beck LOVES it! Who wouldn't really. But not surprisingly this kid already has his beat going strong. He can't quite push the bass drum pedal at the same time while still hittin the other drums.. but he'll get it :) I could have posted the other video of Beck playing.. then Arli bombarding into the scene, Beck freakin out, Arli throws herself on the drum set, Beck pushes her, then the drum set and Arli fall together onto the floor. and I'm goin "Woooooooooohhhh!!" But we decided these two videos were the best of the batch so far! Enjoy... the young rocker at his best.

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Jess and Andrew said...

oh how I love your little family! Beck is actually quite good at those drums! It sounds like you guys are good. I sure do miss you