Saturday, June 26, 2010

Water Days

So glad Summer is finally here and decided to stick around. We've had some fun times out in the sun. Watching the kids play is priceless. And hilarious. I always catch myself saying, "Tucker, remember that so we can write it down in their book" HA. then I go to write in each of their books and we sit there and try and remember what we told each other to remember. and in the end say "Seems like they are always saying or doing something hilarious." Woh, How'd we get so lucky!?

First outing to Settlers park set out for the water splash pad thing. It was so fun. Just me and the kiddos on this occasion, and all I could think was , "I wish Tucker was here to see this" Arli was all over the place. LOVIN the water features.. and Beck kinda followed behind her. Just stickin a leg or arm in once in a while. But he was still laughin and enjoying himself. (odd). Arli was in heaven and squealed with delight and explored each water feature. Wasn't afraid of any of the big kids, (and there were lots!). OF course here's Beck at the end.. and I quote, "Mommy the sun in my eyyyyyyessssss" I'm pretty sure you just gotta here him say it.

This next occasion was the weekend before we went to Settlers. We actually intended to go there as a family on Saturday. But we got there and it looked like roaring springs or something. People had their tents pitched for shade and coolers everywhere. A whole day event. There were seriously tons of people and not much place to sit and relax. So off we went to Opa's house. (Tuck's dad) We stuck the sprinkler under the trampoline, and had ourselves a lovely Saturday afternoon. Here's the thing. Beck LOVED this. He loved the tramp and the water.. and jumping and wrestling with daddy. All while getting soaked. And little Arli Farli is the one that didn't like this. It was pretty out of character for both of them we thought. In the end Arli warmed up to it.. And when she finally ran through the sprinkles of water an hour later she squealed with delight and was so proud. We have quite the pair of kiddies.

Tuck, Beck and Arli playin "Set, hut". aka the football game. everyone got into it but me I guess.

Now we are looking for a little kiddie pool for the yard. This could be fun :)


Erin Dougal said...

I can't wait until Penelope is Arli's age! Next year... Penny hasn't been too fond of the pool and I'm dyin cuz I want to go! I got our kiddie pool for like 7 bucks. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.

Dane and Kelsey Pence said...

aww so cute i love it!!! I love little arli and how brave she is! love you guys!