Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Stunna Boy.. and Family

Tucker went with his dad's ward's Young Men's to tour the BSU stadium. Yeah, they needed another driver. Lucky Tucker. And even LUCKIER he was able to take Beck with him. I had been tellin Beck bout it all day.. and even dressed him for success. aka in BSU colors. I just received this picture in a text from Tucker but can't wait to hear about the rest of it!

Beck with his shades and new bright blue shoes which he calls his "basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, shoes" pretty much whatever he's into at that moment, that's what they're for. I'm not even gonna try and lie.. he is SO cute.. how did we get so lucky?!? And these pics are proof that I do love my children equally and do take pictures of Beck :) haha.

My Sweet Beck. Growing up too fast.

We went to the monthly family home evening at Grandma Mavis's house, had a yummy BBQ and a great lesson by Kim. Arli is growin up.. and bein so social.. (not Beck at all!) When we were saying goodbye Arli was givin some good kisses to Great-Grandma! Couldn't pass that pic up!

Ever since Beck found 2 more tennis rackets in the garage (other than ours) he's been obsessed with tennis and was asking to go like 10 times a day. So we went. He loved it. We love still love it of course ( though my skills could stand to improve drastically) We've gone twice with the kids and tried again last night but the courts were full. Beck loves to practice. He really surprised us with his skill. It seriously comes natural to this kid, its crazy. Tuck got him to practice hitting balls against the fence while we played a little bit. And he was happy as could be. And Arli.. well she tried to escape. After a while she found the exit and kept leaving and sitting in the grass looking at the pretty weeds. haha. She's so funny. Thank goodness warm weather is here finally. I can't wait to keep going.

Look at this pic.. !
Beck.. and Daddy watching baseball.. seriously.? Guarentee if you look in my archives (not that you'd want to) you'd find a picture almost exactly like this.. just a smaller version of Beck and a hairy head version of Tucker, only difference. they were watching music videos. HA. Wow.


MOLLY said...

cute little family!!! i used to cheer on that blue turf. back in the old days when high schools played there. i love that pic of arli kissing grandma. sailor will not give kisses, well, hardly ever. arli is such a little darling i can tell they both have hilarious personalities.

Jim and Katie said...

Great pics Michelle! You're kiddies are so cute and fun. Arli was so cute the other night at FHE. I think she really wanted to play with Sage.

Dane and Kelsey Pence said...

awww i love mr beck! oh soo cute!!!