Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Baseball Field

Beck loves the "baseball field", which is actually just the softball field at the neighborhood park. But he loves evenings after dinner when we get to go there and play. He just love being on the field and he talks about it with a love for it. He loves running the bases.. but hates when we "chase" him. So he might have to get used to the real thing later on.. but for now.. we are not allowed to get him out haha. He's still switchin it up.. hasn't decided which side to lead with.. but he does good both ways.
These pics are the last pics my camera will ever take. While playin ball, I decided I wanted to take a few swings, so I foolishly set the camera down on the dirt.. thinkin "oh i'll be quick" RIiiight .. took me a bit to hit that little baseball.. (i played softball okay) Well. dirt must have got in the lens.. it refuses to open. and we are camera-less.. more like I am camera-less. And it is the saddest thing in the world for me. Especially with all these fun time comin up. Well.. guess I better think of a way to earn some quick money.
Our family baseball nights are so relaxing.. and everything in life seems perfect in that moment.. Because the kids are having fun.. and we are sharing what we love with our kids.

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