Monday, September 27, 2010

New Craft Blog

It's officially up and goin'.
I have started up my new craft blog.
A blog to just post all the stuff I do.. all the time haha. I have a whole album in my iphoto of handmade stuff that has waited for me to make a blog. The brainstorming has been brewing for a long while. And I kept thinking of ideas, ideas, idea.
I'm a really organized person. And when I put posts of my crafts on my family blog.. my secret OCD goes crazy. haha. Plus now.. if ya were sick of those kind of posts, this will just be Family happenings now.
I invited my cousin Erin, who lives in Utah, to contribute to the blog too. I always find we are always crafting similarly. And we are continually giving crafting tips to each other. So I thought she'd love it too.
So far I'm just posting stuff I do. And I love it. I love designing the blog, and putting it out there what I make.
I am a stay at home mom of 2. And love that I can share what I do, and what I love.
The link is on the right column. on the top :) --------------------------------->


The Meffords said...

I really like the craft blog! You are very creative! I love the calculator cover. My husband is an accountant and has his calculator all the time!

Rae Jean said...

What a great idea Michelle! You go girl!!!! :)