Monday, September 13, 2010

Thank You Football Season.

Football has stolen my husband. So I now have more time for my other love in my life :) Creating.
Gotta love this framed chalkboard. It was a mirror.. I think. It was a bit ago so now my memory is blurry. But I've already changed the quote.. And now written is lyrics from Weezer's new song "Ruling me" from their new album. Which is a must have!
And my new pride and joy:

I have always admired quilts. And was pretty intimidated to actually make one. But still.. I admired.. and always had many plans for different quilts in my head. I've seen plenty of quilts in the family.. and after the last Munson FHE, and seeing Angie's (Tucker's aunt) jean quilt.. I decided .. no more hesitating! So with a little kick in the butt from Tuck.. (saying.."its only cutting squares") I got started the next day. So all in all I finished this quilt in about a week in a half. during nap times and football games. haha. It was fun and not as scary as I thought. I did get help for Arli's quilt.. and really my aunt did all the cutting and math figuring for that one.. So this was good for me to do this one all myself. Already thrifted some more jeans for some more jean quilts with my mom. But I have a ton of fabric just waiting to be quilted :)
And of course.. I can't help but personalize anything I make. I sewed Botkin on a scrap and embroidered the heart and dotted the "i". Love how it turned out. And love that we finally have a family jean quilt for picnics and games!


Erin Dougal said...

Jealous... I love jean quilts! I really miss my mom's pretty much all the time.

Julie said...

Dang, girl! That's great! Nice job!

Our Growing Family said...

looks great!! any leftovers for my collection? i need to get my butt in gear too!

The Mairs said...

Look at you!! I am very impressed and jealous!