Monday, September 27, 2010

Thrifted Finds

Okay. First of all. I have no idea why I can't turn of this underline text. weird.
Second. You should probably know that we have a "thrifting" category in our family budget.
My mom and I are regulars at all the thrift stores around here.
Our rounds include: Youth Ranch Warehouse, the Youth Ranch by our house, and of course the good ol' never failing DI (Deserest Industries Thrift Store).
Love a good round of these stores. and especially going with my mom.
But the kids lately have been harder to entertain. Beck is great. And he is a pro thrifter. Arli is still learning the ways. And plus the age (1 1/2) isn't helpin her case. But we go as long as we can manage with Arli goin nutso. And then usually call it a day after the rounds.

I found these old sheets at DI.
Great for fabric for anything and really great for quilt backs.
Usually each sheet is a dollar. But the top one came with a set so:
Price I paid for all three: $5

Next: My blue Royal Saturn sp8000 Typewriter.
purchased at Youth Ranch Warehouse where they charge you by the lb.
(Amazing deals there!!)
So the typewriter (has a cover with handle) .. plus a cart full of other goodies for :
So about this typewriter. My husband Tucker and I have been wanting one for awhile. We are suckers for vintage. And then at a family gathering. I called the typewriter I found "vintage" and explained how it plugs in. Now people I couldn't find the year it was made. But Let me just say, I found this exact typewriter on etsy selling for $65 and described as "vintage"
yes, please, and thank you!

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