Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oregon Coast.

The oregon coast last week was as always, so fun. We really needed the get away. The first day we got there it was so warm! We went to all the Goonies places from the movie. And saw the sea lions in Astoria. And went climbed lots of stairs to the top of a look out. Needless to say.. our legs were givin out on the way down. And oddly enough I preferred carrying Beck. yeah he's heavier but not too much, and Arli wiggled too much. NOt safe haha.
The next day on Thursday we walked around the shops in Seaside where we stayed. Arli opted to ride on the carrousel, Beck did not. But as you can see from the pic, She was pretty frightened haha. We went to Tillamook for the cheese and what? ICe cream of course. So so so yummy. And that night went to eat with Kendra and her kids at her place and then into the hot tub! We spent lots of time in the shops and the beach. We went one morning hoping to get some whole sand dollars but of course we did not.. And we were soaked to the bone ha. Luckily it was followed with some yummy breakfast from Pig'n Blanket. We even got one night just to hang out without the kiddos. Tuck, Kendra, Colby and I went to the candystore.. pigged out on sweets and headed to the outlet stores. At one point (I forget which day) tuck and I shared a Deep Fried Snickers. Oh my gosh! SO SO good ! I"m tellin ya people! I was so hestitant to try it.. but so glad Tuck convinced me!
We had a really great time.. and yet again sad to leave but looking forward to this time again another year.
I had so many pics I decided to pick my favs and put them in collages.
And in very random order :)


Blake and Katie Summers said...

aw, I love the goonies

Brittany said...

i want to see more pictures :(
and why dont you ever put these on fb?
so freaking amazing.