Monday, October 18, 2010

Passing Time is Fun

I took the kids over to Kendra's house or "Aunt Muff" to play for a bit the other day. I had to drop Beck off over there anyway for Kim to take them out to a movie, so we decided to pass the time and hangout over there until then.
At one point the boys, Beck and Bo, came out of one of the rooms, each holding one of these hilarious costumes. And Beck asked me for help to put it on. And I thought okay.. this is good.
Then they had a conversation between the two of them and decided to go jump on the trampoline. So off they went.. their "scary hands" in use. And on to the tramp. Jumping was difficult but entertaining for me. And then just as quickly as they decided to do it.. they made an unanimous decision to get out of them and go play in the play house. HA. Okay boys.
They are so funny together. I especially love listening to their conversations. Priceless.

And good ol Dax and Arli. They are funny little ones. They are easily entertained and love that swing. It'll be so fun once all the leaves fall in their yard haha. For fun, and pictures :)

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