Friday, November 5, 2010

Tuck is 22

Happy Birthday to Tucker. His bday was the 2nd. Which was also voting day of course. We started off with breakfast at Merritts. Without the children thanks to my mom. And then to go vote. And also picked up Toy Story 3 from a redbox for the kids. (and us) Tuck and Beck went to "Opa's Shop" while Arli and I hung out at Jo anns. hah. Then we ended with Hawaiian haystacks which he requested ( we are havin them sunday night for his bday dinner with his family also) and had some amazing cake and played some Wii Dance games with his siblings and the kiddos.
I hope he enjoyed the day. We tried to make it special for him. Beck couldn't wait to give him his card he made for him. A picture of daddy and beck playing football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. :)
Happy Birthday babeh! You sure mean a LOT to us. and we love you! Finally 22. but let be real.. feels like older right? haha.


Erin Dougal said...

Oh my gosh. 22? You guys are so young! Haha. Happy Birthday Tucker!

Michelle said...

haha arent you only a year older??