Saturday, November 6, 2010

Albertson Park Pictures

Went out to Albertson Park yesterday after lunch at Ann Morrison with Kendra and her kids. The goal was to practice with my camera and try and get some good pics.. I'm not sure why I tried all by myself. Next time my mom is definately coming with! She is an amazing helper with pictures and is their Grandma haha so if it takes a long time.. she is totally cool with it :)
But I did come out with some good photos. I honestly don't know how. They were just not cooperating with me. Completely not listening to me. All Arli wanted to do was play with the stroller. oh jeez. And Beck was just using his selective listening skills. And when I'd pull out the camera I'd get disagreeing sounds from them.
But we made it through. There were so many beautiful spots to take pictures.
For the rest of the pictures click the link to my Facebook photo album. :)
Fall Photo Outing


Julie @ Becoming-Someone said...

You have the most beautiful children!

Kelli said...

Your kids are so cute and that park is gorgeous! You can practice taking pics of Morgan any time you want (except we'll be taking a short trip to UT this week). Just let me know when.

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

Mae never sits still for me. It is so frustrating, but thats when you get great action shots. I can't believe how big Arli is.