Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Doll Crib

Ever been to Ana-White.com??
Because you MUST!
She is quite amazing. She builds the most incredible things for the home, and even for kids' rooms, toys etc.
The best part... she gives you all the plans to make it yourself.. for FREE! With pretty great instructions.
I know when we have our house we will be making numerous things from her site. (trust me, I already have many on my bookmarks)
We found this doll crib plan and knew we had to make it for Miss Arli. That girl loves her babies and she wraps them up and "puts them to sleep" all over her bedroom floor. So it was time her babies had a place to sleep.
The finished Product!

It was so fun going out to buy the stuff to make it. ( i have to say this was the most expensive gift on our list... but it will also be her bday present)
And it was even more fun building it together.. Well.. or just me watching Tuck. Don't get me wrong.. I could have done it if I had to.. But my to do list was already loooong. Plus Tucker was so cute building it so happily for his little girl.
If I could do anything over.. I would have researched more on what wood to use. The wood we used kinda cracked while putting it together. But hey it still does the job.
And yes.. she loved it.
And the first thing she did was go find a baby to put it in. The closest thing was a stuffed dog she got for christmas though haha. It worked out.

Now.. go and check out Ana White . :D

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Jenn said...

Michelle! I cannot believe I didn't know about ana-white.com sooner!! Thank you for sharing this site. It makes me want to build beautiful things for my house! :) You are amazing.