Saturday, January 1, 2011


We spent our last day of 2010 together as a family and set out to go bowling. We had Kendra and her kids come out too. I thought it was pretty grand.
Beck and Tucker went the night before with just the boys of the family.. So I missed out.. and hellooo.. Mommy cannot miss out.
So glad we got to go out ... and Beck was a pro. He was rolling the ball pretty hard. I was impressed. He would get a stinker face if he didn't like his performance. It was great. Arli was just sad. We didn't get her shoes or anything because.. well she's 2. haha. But she was so sad. She would sit on the stairs.. then sit on a chair.. and just stare at us longingly. So I shared my turns with her and the rest of Beck's turns that Beck didn't want. She loved it. One game was just enough for us.. the kids were starvin marvin by the time we were done.
It was so fun! I was just giddy seeing Beck in this new element. And had a grand time bowling myself. I did beat Tucker.. and got 3 strikes. Best ever. :)
It was a great way to spend our New Years Eve day with the best kiddies ever.

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kim said...

these pictures are so cute! I wish I could have been there!!!!