Monday, January 10, 2011


We feel seriously lucky that Opa (Grandpa Botkin) shares his Stampede tickets with us. :)
Or with mainly Beck. Just like last year, Beck looks forward to these games so much! He loves going to them. I think he loves the time with Daddy and Opa. But he was okay when me and Arli came this last Saturday.. And funny enough, Arli loved it just as much as Beck! They were hilarious to watch. During all the defense sounds and music they would bob their heads, Arli was so into it. And of course Arli loved the dancers and the wolf (Rumble the mascott)
We got super lucky and Rumble came up to the second floor and Beck got a mini meet and greet. He hugged him, pounded it, high fived, and smiled for a picture. My work is done. haha I have been wanting a picture of Beck and Rumble badly, so this was perfect!
It was so fun to be there with kids that wanted to be there too. Beck insisted on staying until the whole game was over. Just ask him a question about the stampede and he'll go on and on and on about it.
My kids will be my kids though.. and they didn't smile for pictures! haha here was our Saturday night:

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