Friday, January 7, 2011

Lovely Orders

I get by with a little help from my friends :)
I feel so lucky to have friends that like what I make, enough to order and buy it.
Networking has been so great to me so far. And ironically the reason why I have not got to my etsy shop is because I am getting and making orders for friends. Which is GREAT!
Thank you for the love people!
Here are my recent orders:
Boho Headwrap w/Flower
Boho Headwrap w/ Flower
The first one on the left is actually the only I sold of these 3.
The middle one is a new creation, which I love!
And the third I gave to my sister.. cute! but one of those ones that are not "sellable" or a trial.

Crochet Scarves and Headbands/wraps
My small stash of Scarves and Headbands. It has gotten quite small. Especially the headbands and headwraps.

I was lucky enough to take my stuff over to my Aunt's house while she had a Designer Jean party. I set up my stuff and hoped for the best. Though the turnout wasn't big in numbers, I did do well! I sold 2 scarves (the brown circle scarf and the purple cowl pictured above) and sold a headband.
It honestly feels great to know people like what I do.
and MAN I needa get on the shop now! No excuses!

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