Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arli Pilar is 2

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!
This sweetness of a girl has brought so much
joy, love, fun, spunk, and attitude into our lives.

[Arli- Day one, just born. 2-17-09]

[2 months old]

[8 months old]

[1 year old]
[A week shy from 2 years old]

Everyday I am so thankful for my little girl. I know I got a little girl, when I did, for a reason.
She is my lil sidekick and loves to be with me.
This girl is not shy at all, she knows she's cute(uh oh), and is already acting so much older.
Having an older sibling does that I guess.
She's talkin in awesome short sentences now.
(but you may not be able to understand her hah)
She adores her big brother and is always copying him and
thinking of him.
She is quite smart.. and sings allll the time.
But this girl has also been at the terrible two stage for quite some time now.
3 is the magic age for us, this girl is going to grow up so fast.

Yesterday I held her and rocked her to sleep (for her nap.. stinker)
I bout started crying..
I was holding her on her last day of being a 1 year old.
Her body covered my whole area sitting down haha
I held tight.. as a mom I don't want her to grow up..
but I do.
Those newborn days are just so limited and go by so fast.
I wish I could snap my fingers and make her a wee baby again..
just for an hour.
I miss my baby Arli farli tubba Larli.

But Little Arli Monster is quite fun too.

Happy Birthday to our little girl!
Lots of fun planned for the day!

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