Friday, February 18, 2011

And She Partied

Yup. She partied.. and even stayed up till 9. Woh girl.
We had a fun lil party for Arli's bday. Since we did it on a weekday (family were going out of town for the long weekend) we just did dessert. But .. that was a lil hard for me to swallow. So I had to do a dessert BAR at least :) Lots of goodies for all!
The whole day Arli totally knew it was her birthday.. and she was lovin it. Happy Birthday was being sung to her all day long. But when it came time to sing to her for her cake.. she kinda got flustered and cried a lil. haha, it was pretty funny. She blew out the candle and the lil boys cheered and she got all giddy yet again. (grabbin her toes).
It was so fun to focus on this little girl for a day. Beck was a GREAT helper with presents. And I'm pretty sure he loved that I forgot to make him change out of his "basketball clothes".
This girl is loved! She received lots of lovely gifts.. more babies! and more! plus some homemade gifts which are amazing!
Thank you family who came and for all who made her day special!


Jenn said...

I love seeing pictures of your kiddos as they grow up, they are both getting so big! :)

alison said...

i'm glad the party turned out fun. what a cute birthday girl little arli is . . . and a fun mommy she has:)