Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Dilemma

There are really great things and bummer things about living with the parents.

Really Great: well.. they are my family and my family is the best! (given)
Bummer: well.. they are my family.. and I need breaks. :)

Really Great: My mom loves playing with the kids and helping with them (not being asked :)
Bummer: the kids run over to that side of the house constantly if she is home. (leaving me always gathering them back over to my side)

Really Great: My mom, my brother and I work together for dinners for the week! yummy dinners and I don't have to cook every day!
Bummer: The food we buy goes really fast.. because more people are eating it.

Really Great: Kids have a big room to share.
Bummer: waiting to have more kiddies till we have a house.

Really Great: of course.. the big winner.. Saving money!!!
Bummer: not getting to have our own place quite yet.

I am secretly.. oh wait its not secret... I want our own house terribly bad.
The good news.. We have learned lots of way this past year to save money and spend money more wisely. The goal is in sight now, if we just stick to the plan.
Gotta stay positive here.
We are REALLY blessed to be living here.. and still have some of our own space. This is such a help, rather than saving AND renting at the same time.
Looking to better days.. BUT I still love the now.

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Kelli said...

Things are always worse in February (the end of the winter). Spring is coming and things will feel better. :)