Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Flower Power

I am lovin this new flower arrangement on some new headwraps. I made this one and my sister was in town for a day and STOLE it. Okay she didn't steal it. She only has one of my headbands and blames it all on me. She loved this and I love her sooo it all worked out.
I already started making more to put in the Etsy Shop.
I think they are way cute and hope they do well!

As for my Etsy Shop.. YES its open! Right now there are only a couple items in there. I made a sale the day I put them up.. (talk about a boost) I will be putting more stuff in there, like I said, So check back! Click on the link to the right ------------------------>
or check out the Etsy Shop tab on the top.

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