Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dilly dallyin'

Love this pic/design. Can you just hear me saying this, "Beck, focus buddy!" Cause I do. I do say this a lot to my kids. Ha. too young? I think not. But maybe I should say it to myself a little more often. I have gotten a lot of cleaning and organizing done. Along with working out and dinners.. I have felt pretty accomplished this week.
But man..
I totally meant to have a post today.. But the things I'm working on are still in progress.
The good news is, I have finally found time to create things for me/my lil fam. It is nice to get back to just "lazy" sewing and crocheting.
But for now I leave you with a link. A little bit of what I'm working on. One down, one to go.
Will post the final product and the whole spiel about that later :)

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