Sunday, February 13, 2011


I actually do Arli's hair.
And she makes stinker faces.

and sometimes... She tries to escape from photo shoots. (with attitude)

And other times.. Beck wants to be my model boy. umm Okay.
It's great.. oh except for those peanut butter lips, bud.
I still love you. :)

And why he is grabbing and pullin up his bum?I have no idea. Every shot was like this.
Oh except for the model serious face ones laying on the floor. Ha. Oh Beckboy.


kim said...

okay these are some cute little kiddos!! Happy Valentines Day!

Andrew said...
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Jess and Andrew said...

So i just left you a comment and realized it was under Andrew's name.. I'm retarded! Anyways I just wanted to say how cute you and those sweet babes of your are! I LOVE Arli's hair, to cute! Love ya