Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kiddos life as we know it

Can I just say that I stinkin love these kids!
Beck has been an awesome big brother of late. Well, not counting the moments of frustration hitting. He's a kid now.. and it's weird! He will be four this summer. and that's weirder!!!!
Whenever he gets into his carseat, he tells us to get in the car, he can buckle himself up.. And he does. And then he follows saying " I told you I could do it." with a little glare in his eyes. Yes he has this response to some other things too. And when he says it, in my head I'm like, I hope he didn't think I thought he couldn't do it. Oh kid.

Arli, also is inevitably growing up. She is taking the hint from Beck, and now when she gets in her carseat she tells me, "No help! No help!" and really, she does need help. So I pretend to "help her" click her seatbelts in.. And sometimes she falls for it. But other times she catches me and my muscles pushin in the clicks, and she kinda freaks out. But hey.. all I can tell her is, It's because I love you Arli. I imagine that response will come in handy in my span of motherhood.
She also has made the jump into potty training. Now.. theres some background here. She has been telling us when her diaper is wet/soiled for a while now. Like since.. maybe even summer... seriously.. its been a while. I would praise her and change her diaper, but never took it too seriously or got too excited, afraid I'd jinx the early potty training. (And who knows, maybe if I pursued that, she'd be potty trained by now.) Well she has used the potty chair off and on in the past year. Usually whenever she likes.. and she surprises me with pee pee or poo poo in the froggy potty bowl. But for the last couple months.. she has been going pee and poo in the potty chair on command. I'll tell her to go... she'll go sit and force something out. Way to go, right! I was excited but still not ready to full on potty train.
Well today she ran into the kitchen frantic! "Potty potty potty!" I thought her diaper was wet, but it wasn't. So I took off her pants and diaper and she booked it to the potty chair. She must of tried but no success out of her body. So I put some underwear on her. Five minutes later she ran to me frantic yet again. And so I pulled her underwear down, and sent her off with words of encouragement. Pretty proud mom here.
I'm thinking it's time for active potty training (at home).
And perhaps buy some pretty princess underwear for her to wear when she's all good to go. Nice little enticement there.
And that is my Arli potty training story of my life. for now.

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